Monday, 17 February 2014

Battle to the death to be crowned: Best Dressed

12 years of schooling has lead to this momentous occasion: one night, one date, one champagne flutè (consumed with the watch dog eye of one's father) and one chance to dress as though you yourself were on the red carpet. 

To some this may be better known as the All Hallowś school formal. 

Skimming the dress code for this event I'm almost perplexed, over my 16 years of living (cue the whining comments from parents wishing to be '16 again') I've done “semi-formal,” “black tie optional,” “festive,” “garden party,” “beach chic” and “The White Party,”  but never fully formal. So where does 'formal' then lie? What spectrum does it fall between? Festive and Garden party? Beach Chic and Black and white - god can only hope not. Then I ask you, what does one do when they are at a loss of fashion advice. 

Answer: They rack their purses for $8.75 to purchase the most recent copy of a fashion lover's bible. VOGUE. 

To flick through a Harper's BAZZAR or Voguè the idea of 'formal attire' soon becomes crystal clear- shout out to my girl Anna Wintour for that. It's through the vicissitude of now finding a dress which suits your body type, for the right price, which no one else has purchased all the while finding an actual date who hasn't already been invited to one of the two other formals on that night (Yes, I know, it's like the school wants to test our sanity), when planning for your formal transitions from excitement to trepidation seamlessly... 

The highest of quality images, feat. A really clean room 
Now I'm confident in saying

 that I'm far off from having a 

models body, thus making the 

search even more difficult. 

But after some extensive 

research I've realised that the 

only dress for me is a tight 

mermaid style (Also meaning 

the gym will be my second 

home this term- awesome...) 

Luckily, I found a nice red 

ensemble at  SHEIKE, 

situated at our trustworthy 

Westfield Carindale - and 

even better it was under 

$300. It's a bloody win-win situation kids! 

 However, the next catastrophic problem that arises is the desperate need of statement accessories. I'm at a complete standstill people so if anyone wants to help out a very stressed teenage soul your advice would be more than greatly appreciated. 

Also, to go with a plain shoe or not, THAT is the question. (Both from: Tony Bianco )

Could cut myself a nice piece of humble pie with this shoe. 
Dare to be different? What would JESUS you do!

Till next time hunters,
Catherine xx

Saturday, 28 December 2013

International Lovin' (Non Pitbull version)

As Lucy Pevensie once said, TO NARNIA "TO OXFORDIA!"

A hop skip and a quick 23 hour flight later I farewelled my neighbouring traveller, a short, tubby, snoring 50 (that's being kind) year old man and groggily jumped off the plane at hea throw airport, hesitantly making my way to terminal 4. Terminal four was more than just TERMINAL FOUR (not really, it legally is just terminal 4), however in my eyes it was the pre determined meeting place for all Oxford summer school students of 2013. Yeah that's right Mrs Price (year 4 teacher) I made it to the big time. So much for, 'if you can't do time tables by this age you should worry for your future'.

Maths, who needs it?
My OP actually....
Maybe mrs price was right.
Dammit she wins again and I'm the one composing this text!
Ok I'm getting lost back to the inaugural first meet...

You'd assume one would dress in their finest apparel for such a milestone meeting in order to give the (false) impression that they are 'cool'. however oblivious to this thought I donned my finest RUST coloured school 'sweater' accompanied by possibly the most unflattering track suit pant's of all time.
NOTE: the use of the word trackies and jumper can result with a very confused and quite possibly, frightened foreigner. Thus, I warm you all to steer clear when explaining your outfit of choice to a TC Colombian.
(That is me on the far right, just before I changed into my stunning rust jumper.)

I was separated (quite literally, but that's another story) from the few Australians I had befriended on the flight over and led to bus B where I say next to an upper east sider boy who I will leave unnamed, who had "not only partied with Barrack Obamas daughter" but "been accepted into The most respectable acting school in NYC".

Time on bus: 1 hour
Sheep count due to boredom:13

 Well, um I won the spelling bee in grade four AND met the man who invited vegemite, So yeah might want to rethink your claim to fame statements Mr New York, if that even is your real name.

Time on bus: 2 hours
Sheep count due to boredom: 34

BUT WAIT, if your wondering when the discussion of what actually occurred during my time in Oxford will arise, you know considering this IS a blog post dedicated to the said town and all, it surprisingly arose when the boy and I eventually found our common demominator regarding interests of which we could bond over during this 3 hour bus ride through the countryside of England.

And that interest my friends, is the one, The only: our expectations of what was to occur.

Time on bus: 2.5 hours
Sheep count due to boredom: not applicable

We spoke about Expectations regarding shopping, making new friends, learning new things, exploring new world while we were both millions of kilometres, or in NYC boys mind- Miles, away from our real homes. And that, my fellow readers, is when the wheels halted from beneath us and further bringing our attention to the most magical town I had ever seen, Oxford. Furthermore, as I attempt to unsuccessfully avoid making a cliche statement, the expectations that had been discussed between myself and Mr NYC were not only met during the month, but In fact exceeded.

To be honest with you all, downsizing four weeks of memories into one blog post has Been excruciatingly difficult. I could easily say that learning journalism and business studies abroad and exploring a new city was the most valuable aspect of the trip, but that would unfortunately be a lie (don't get me wrong though, that was pretty FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC). However, what I truly treasure from my Oxford experience is simply the big family that was made up of my brothers and sisters from every corner of the world, effortlessly making those 4 weeks the best of my life.

Oxford Tradition Journalism Class 2013
My Puta Perra Zorras from Colombia

My weird and wonderful brothers and sisters in the Oxford Tradition Film making class of 2013


My Colombian and Greek Besties chilling on the quad
Apparently the college thought I wasn't worthy of a 25x25 pixel IMAGE

Romania VS Colombia&Australia in the Great Race after the 40 minute walk to get there.
Unfortunately 4 weeks was up, no more making it to class just on time, or random excursions to amazing locations (Broughton castle, BBC HQ, the city of London, etc) with our subject teachers, multiple Starbucks stops were a thing of the past , sneaking back to dorm after staying out past curfew was no longer an issue, no more endless discussions regarding the cultural difference between one another's background, no more exploring the cobble stone streets of Oxford in search of adventure, no more coffee shots in order to finish a last minute assignment. No more. (And to answer your question, YES, I've gone from happy to sad in less than 500 characters but I'm wrapping it up people!)

The painful process of saying goodbye soon occurred. Watching 500 teenagers come together to say goodbye and return to their own hometowns is a saddening sight. I don’t want to become too morose, so I’ll skim over the hours of crying and cuddling that went down. Let’s just say these relationships will last a while, believe me, I can prove it. I mean We even created a Google doc to compile contact information via FACEBOOK (for all you grandmas that's a certain type of social media). Now If that's not commitment I don't know what is!

I may have begun as the girl with no friends on Bus B in a rust coloured jumper with a weird accent and a lack of international popstar relations with.... Do I really have to go on? but I'd depart with friends from around the world and knowledge I had not previously possessed (commandments to my teachers in particular). I am unable to recommend the Oxford tradition experience to its full worth to anyone, as one has to experience it themselves to truly comprehend its impact.

And although this has been a rather nostalgic and depressing post, "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard". (Winnie the Pooh, 1995)

"A picture paints a thousand words, but a memory writes a whole novel." - Yours Truly

Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to be egyptian in less than 5 seconds

A semi formal occasion: 

That's me right above! For anyone who cares that is, no one? Whatever, I'll show my mum then!

"Honey, come over here" said my dates grandmother apprehensively.
"I do believe you have a necklace on your head, it's alright you have time to fix it, he- my date- hasn't noticed it yet."Oh, thankyou for basically pointing out that, how to put this plainly, I look shit/got dressed in the dark.
Who knew the day would come when I would receive fashion advice from a 70 year old woman, whom by the way was donning a button up -hospital white- shirt and three quarters.

 Game on gran.

The moral of this blog post being, wisdom does not always certify accurate statements. Even if those statements come from cute old women.

Now, before we move onto fashion do write it (the dangers of the elderly) down, tell a friend, hell! Make a bloody Facebook status.

Oh wait, another minor purpose for this blog post is to also talk about head pieces and the, thoughts, feelings, outlooks, concerns and another synonym, associated with it.

Now, headpieces: although it may be quite a quirky fashion choice I believe the complex-to-keep-on jewellery piece may be this seasons biggest hit among the younger crowd in the fashion world. As seen on my home girls below, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Kardashian have all given the trend a go and if you ask me they look FAB-U-LOUS, 
"Although not as good as you CATHERINE"
Oh! Computer you shouldn't have! 

So now the pressure is on you, reader. How would you wear this new trend? Would you even give it a go muchachos? Would you have the COURAGE? Most importantly, would you have the sass to do so?

Call them head braces or call them halos — either way, they're hands-down the coolest way to accessorise right now.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013



And they said going to third base in public was trashy? Did we just go too far? Some would say that's innapropriate but oh well a little bit of humour never hurt nobody in the fashion world. It's pretty clear that caps, whether they be leather or plain sport ones, are a huge HIT in the ball park this season. Which works out well for us in Australia considering it's summer time and the weather is only going to get more intense from here on out. For some awesome leather covered caps (at cheap prices- of course) we advsie you pop into your local BARDOT store.

Cara Delevingne Heads to Miami for Reserved's Spring 2013 Campaign -... / Cara Delevingne FASHION / Arrow

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Oscars, I think my invite got lost in the mail

Hola signoritas, signores and mum

So today I woke up and had some bread (and butter as a condiment if your curious) and I thought 'what is the meaning of life' but then I shifted my attention towards the TV set and realized something more important than my own life... The lives of the Rich and Famous AKA the Oscars.

I'm sure we've all heard about the biggest blunders of the night aka ma main gurl J.Lawrence graciously face-planting to the harsh satirized attack towards 10 year old Quvenzhané Wallis (And YES I did have to Google 'Name of girl who holds dog purse to Oscars') . However when I began to watch my dose of the Oscar's on E!, I was asked by the ever so kind host, 'Catherine what's YOUR favorite outfit of the night' , as I looked out the window into the moonlight crying silently it got me thinking (which doesn't occur to often).. what was my stand-out outfit of the night?

 And the winner for Best use of Sequins goes to these fine ladies:

Whereas Plain as a biscuit but classy as wine go to ma gurls shown below:

And we ask you other than the obvious up roar in sequins seen this season what's YOUR favorite look from the Oscars? 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Welcome to Illyria

Take a look below. Soak it in. Now look back here because I have shit to say. This wonderfully candid, joyful, put-on-facebook-without-permission photograph was resurrected from past FB albums a few days ago and has set us in quite a nostalgic mood. That photo is Catherine on top of the Rockefeller building in ye olde NYC, a place we have both been and aim to go back to one day, no matter what the police say!

Now as you are asking what the point of this post is, we are also asking ourselves what the point of this blog in its entirety is. Man Repeller, Chiara Ferragni, Hanneli Mustaparta... they must have started somewhere, right? Maybe not from quite the depths of nowhere-dom as much as us but quite frankly, their success is the goal. 

While these seasoned internet trekkers have each their own personal sartorial values and missions, we're still figuring ours out. 

So come along, enjoy the ride, look at some clothes, discover some stuff, buy some stuff, ask some questions, -heck- be INSPIRED, and most of all, read our blog.

Adios bitches.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The 8th Plaid

Want to know what's cool? Sure some would say ice cold water? But want to know what's cooler,well dare we say it, Girl-Hunting itself! Just Kidding, well to be honest not really we are pretty damn cool. Enough with the Jokes, the answer to what is cool is actually us.

Someone call the police as were tickling your funny bone.. AGAIN! Some say we should become comedians but we all know that isn't fair on the business as the second we start joking around on stage all other comedians will become broke, hell they'll probably spend their last dollars on coming to see our shows!.. Crickets and Tumbleweed.. Moving on then.

But back to business, because we have assembled here today to discuss the old yet appealing Plaid pattern. So I'm browsing the web having a gay ol' time when all of a sudden I stumble over this postcard,
And that's when I realized FARAH knew what they were doing from the beginning and as I think about it further I have an inkling that Ton Ton (appointed name to boy model) was in on the plan too.. they just knew that plaid would indubitably become one future generation’s secret to good fortune... just look at that smug little smile...humph. 

Plaid has been around for generations but if your not comfortable with the vest on pants look (-no disrespect to Ton Ton, gotta love his enthusiasm) follow my lead, which I have followed from the little voice in my head.

OVER SIZED Men Short Sleeved Plaid Print Shirts, or as we call them by the popular acronym, OMSSPPS are back!
It's revolutionary, it goes with everything from skinny to bell-bottom jeans, skirts, denim pants and for the daring silk shorts :O please don't tell mother we said that!

And that's not all folks, because of the short sleeves it's safe to say that this little ensemble can be paired with blazers, jackets basically all outwear... SAY WHAT!

I just said it, jeese who is this chick? ^
This particular shirt is by Jerseys, however plaid t-shirts can basically be found in any GOOD department stores (yeah the 'GOOD' is in capital to make all you department stores without plaid guilty!)

Comment below on how you would dress this lil plaid piece.
C'mon, do Ton Ton proud and you yourself might be reaching third base before you know it..... If at a lesbian bar.