Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to be egyptian in less than 5 seconds

A semi formal occasion: 

That's me right above! For anyone who cares that is, no one? Whatever, I'll show my mum then!

"Honey, come over here" said my dates grandmother apprehensively.
"I do believe you have a necklace on your head, it's alright you have time to fix it, he- my date- hasn't noticed it yet."Oh, thankyou for basically pointing out that, how to put this plainly, I look shit/got dressed in the dark.
Who knew the day would come when I would receive fashion advice from a 70 year old woman, whom by the way was donning a button up -hospital white- shirt and three quarters.

 Game on gran.

The moral of this blog post being, wisdom does not always certify accurate statements. Even if those statements come from cute old women.

Now, before we move onto fashion do write it (the dangers of the elderly) down, tell a friend, hell! Make a bloody Facebook status.

Oh wait, another minor purpose for this blog post is to also talk about head pieces and the, thoughts, feelings, outlooks, concerns and another synonym, associated with it.

Now, headpieces: although it may be quite a quirky fashion choice I believe the complex-to-keep-on jewellery piece may be this seasons biggest hit among the younger crowd in the fashion world. As seen on my home girls below, Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Kardashian have all given the trend a go and if you ask me they look FAB-U-LOUS, 
"Although not as good as you CATHERINE"
Oh! Computer you shouldn't have! 

So now the pressure is on you, reader. How would you wear this new trend? Would you even give it a go muchachos? Would you have the COURAGE? Most importantly, would you have the sass to do so?

Call them head braces or call them halos — either way, they're hands-down the coolest way to accessorise right now.

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