Monday, 17 February 2014

Battle to the death to be crowned: Best Dressed

12 years of schooling has lead to this momentous occasion: one night, one date, one champagne flutè (consumed with the watch dog eye of one's father) and one chance to dress as though you yourself were on the red carpet. 

To some this may be better known as the All Hallowś school formal. 

Skimming the dress code for this event I'm almost perplexed, over my 16 years of living (cue the whining comments from parents wishing to be '16 again') I've done “semi-formal,” “black tie optional,” “festive,” “garden party,” “beach chic” and “The White Party,”  but never fully formal. So where does 'formal' then lie? What spectrum does it fall between? Festive and Garden party? Beach Chic and Black and white - god can only hope not. Then I ask you, what does one do when they are at a loss of fashion advice. 

Answer: They rack their purses for $8.75 to purchase the most recent copy of a fashion lover's bible. VOGUE. 

To flick through a Harper's BAZZAR or Voguè the idea of 'formal attire' soon becomes crystal clear- shout out to my girl Anna Wintour for that. It's through the vicissitude of now finding a dress which suits your body type, for the right price, which no one else has purchased all the while finding an actual date who hasn't already been invited to one of the two other formals on that night (Yes, I know, it's like the school wants to test our sanity), when planning for your formal transitions from excitement to trepidation seamlessly... 

The highest of quality images, feat. A really clean room 
Now I'm confident in saying

 that I'm far off from having a 

models body, thus making the 

search even more difficult. 

But after some extensive 

research I've realised that the 

only dress for me is a tight 

mermaid style (Also meaning 

the gym will be my second 

home this term- awesome...) 

Luckily, I found a nice red 

ensemble at  SHEIKE, 

situated at our trustworthy 

Westfield Carindale - and 

even better it was under 

$300. It's a bloody win-win situation kids! 

 However, the next catastrophic problem that arises is the desperate need of statement accessories. I'm at a complete standstill people so if anyone wants to help out a very stressed teenage soul your advice would be more than greatly appreciated. 

Also, to go with a plain shoe or not, THAT is the question. (Both from: Tony Bianco )

Could cut myself a nice piece of humble pie with this shoe. 
Dare to be different? What would JESUS you do!

Till next time hunters,
Catherine xx

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