Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ring City Bitch, Ring Ring City Bitch

"If You Liked it than you shoulda put a Ring on it"
- Famous Philosopher commonly known as Beyonce Of the Knowles
Catherine here, or even call me duchess Collins...Hm that has quite a ring to it don't you think? OK I'll stop with the puns now, but honestly tell me you didn't enjoy them a little. So we've noticed the trend of rings, whether they be plain ol' gold or bejeweled to the max some even... SKULLIFIED! The secret to good ring stacking is to make sure the rings all fit together someway or another, so try a main them (examples seen below).These styles have been seen on some of the biggest fashion icons as well as on the runways, yeah you heard me two places at once.. IT'S POSSIBLE!
Sabo Skirt - Iron Man Style

Stacked Rings of Assorted different metal
Colors seen on Blogger Man Repeller
DKNY 2012 Pastel Stacked Rings
-Yeah, They went there.
Alexander McQueen Stack O' Skulls

What's your style?  I (Catherine) would say Iron Man, whereas I (Greer) would decide upon Pastel.
Now, Let's see those bejeweled spirit fingers Ladies!

Catch you on the flipside mutha fu#@$er


  1. I also prefer the Iron-Man-style, but all of them are really cool :)


    1. oh your to kind! and yes as they say PREACH IT SOUL SISTER i would buy all of them in a jiffy! x catherine

  2. love the inspirational photos and your senses of humor! And I also like iron man style:)

    1. ahh humor funny thing isn't it (I'm on a pun high lately) thankyou so much!

  3. Absolutely love this concept. I like iron man style best.

    1. thanks! I can hardly type I've been attempting ring stacking this afternoon and gone overboard! xx

  4. I love the rings in the first photo. They're so cool. xx