Friday, 9 November 2012

Honey, I'm Home

The female tuxedo- Man Repelling or Subtly Sexy?
Answer: Man Repelling, and to that we say Hell Yes, 'get in the car losers were going shopping'.

Since Yves Saint Laurent created his 'Le Smoking' women's tuxedo back in 1966, the piece has no doubt morphed into one of the single most transformative pieces of women's wear and for A/W12, it made a serious comeback. 

"Throughout the shows in February there was a lot of talk about the clothes being like an armour, preparing women for the tough world out there right now and it's true."- At HQ (Our bedrooms) we discussed that the real reason for female tuxedos comeback relies on the fact that they look awesome and it's about time that us women get the chance to say 'Get in my pants'.

Lesson 101 on Female Suits. Gilded, structured or bed-sexy, the choices are at your chewed little fingertips.

What's more, when it's advocated by none other than our eternal girl crush, who could say no? No ruffles or ever-shortening hemlines for Hailee, just black silk with a perfect smattering of turquoise, sequins and red lips. And we think she pulled her look off better than anyone that night.

So, the closing question, does suiting with style give ladies a chance to express a whole new attitude of fashion through the precision of a male-originated get up? We say someone get RiRi because we drink to that, bitches. But, you decide squirts, we can't tell ya what to do.

Thoughts? Opinions? Musings? Tell us.


  1. I love suits on girls/women they just look so amazing, powerful and sexy in the way a dress could never be:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. Thats what we think! A little cross dressin never hurt nobody

  2. Wow! These suits are very cool. I love the green one in the center second row. Thanks so much for sharing :) Stop by my blog some time.