Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The 8th Plaid

Want to know what's cool? Sure some would say ice cold water? But want to know what's cooler,well dare we say it, Girl-Hunting itself! Just Kidding, well to be honest not really we are pretty damn cool. Enough with the Jokes, the answer to what is cool is actually us.

Someone call the police as were tickling your funny bone.. AGAIN! Some say we should become comedians but we all know that isn't fair on the business as the second we start joking around on stage all other comedians will become broke, hell they'll probably spend their last dollars on coming to see our shows!.. Crickets and Tumbleweed.. Moving on then.

But back to business, because we have assembled here today to discuss the old yet appealing Plaid pattern. So I'm browsing the web having a gay ol' time when all of a sudden I stumble over this postcard,
And that's when I realized FARAH knew what they were doing from the beginning and as I think about it further I have an inkling that Ton Ton (appointed name to boy model) was in on the plan too.. they just knew that plaid would indubitably become one future generation’s secret to good fortune... just look at that smug little smile...humph. 

Plaid has been around for generations but if your not comfortable with the vest on pants look (-no disrespect to Ton Ton, gotta love his enthusiasm) follow my lead, which I have followed from the little voice in my head.

OVER SIZED Men Short Sleeved Plaid Print Shirts, or as we call them by the popular acronym, OMSSPPS are back!
It's revolutionary, it goes with everything from skinny to bell-bottom jeans, skirts, denim pants and for the daring silk shorts :O please don't tell mother we said that!

And that's not all folks, because of the short sleeves it's safe to say that this little ensemble can be paired with blazers, jackets basically all outwear... SAY WHAT!

I just said it, jeese who is this chick? ^
This particular shirt is by Jerseys, however plaid t-shirts can basically be found in any GOOD department stores (yeah the 'GOOD' is in capital to make all you department stores without plaid guilty!)

Comment below on how you would dress this lil plaid piece.
C'mon, do Ton Ton proud and you yourself might be reaching third base before you know it..... If at a lesbian bar.


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    1. Pretty sure we already do because you commented on another photo!

  2. Such a great post! Loooove it!

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