Friday, 16 November 2012

Welcome to Illyria

Take a look below. Soak it in. Now look back here because I have shit to say. This wonderfully candid, joyful, put-on-facebook-without-permission photograph was resurrected from past FB albums a few days ago and has set us in quite a nostalgic mood. That photo is Catherine on top of the Rockefeller building in ye olde NYC, a place we have both been and aim to go back to one day, no matter what the police say!

Now as you are asking what the point of this post is, we are also asking ourselves what the point of this blog in its entirety is. Man Repeller, Chiara Ferragni, Hanneli Mustaparta... they must have started somewhere, right? Maybe not from quite the depths of nowhere-dom as much as us but quite frankly, their success is the goal. 

While these seasoned internet trekkers have each their own personal sartorial values and missions, we're still figuring ours out. 

So come along, enjoy the ride, look at some clothes, discover some stuff, buy some stuff, ask some questions, -heck- be INSPIRED, and most of all, read our blog.

Adios bitches.

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